Our work lives are built on relationships. Relationships with others. Relationships with the world in general, with the task at hand and, most importantly, with ourselves.

How we view ourselves in our work relationships is the key to how we feel and perform. Sometimes we feel less than the other person in the relationship. Other times we feel equal, or more than. It varies depending on the circumstances, the people we’re with or the type of relationship.

Understanding how you view your place in a particular work relationship is an important step in being able to manage the relationship better and get better results.

We offer:

  • Interpersonal Conflict Training
  • Coaching for Ambitious Introverted Professionals
  • Executive Coaching for Introverted Leaders
  • Confidence Development
  • Developing Personal Presence
  • Courageous Conversations Training
  • Team Coaching
  • Group Facilitation

KadenzaGPS Will Help You Manage your Challenging work Relationships. 

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