Our thoughts determine who we are. They determine how we feel about ourselves and about others. They drive our actions.

Yet most of us go through the day on automatic. We let our thoughts control us, rather than the other way round. So we end up in a loop—thinking the same thoughts and making the same decisions over and over. Even worse, most of the time we’re not even aware of it. That makes it almost impossible for us to change our thinking to get different results.

What if you could better control your thoughts? And through your thoughts, your actions and your results?

What if you understood your buttons and triggers, and were able to stop them from being pushed by others?

Wouldn’t that be better?

The AQR Mental Toughness Model

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Mental Toughness is a personality trait. It determines your ability to perform consistently under stress and pressure. And the good news - it can be measured, developed and increased!

We offer:

  • Mental Toughness assessment: the MTQ48 - the world's ONLY Mental Toughness metric 
  • Mental Toughness and Resilience Coaching for enhanced performance and psychological agility
  • Self Awareness Development & Self Mastery Mentoring
  • Performance Improvement Processes for Individuals and Teams
  • Inner Strength & Resilience Development
  • Mental Flexibility & Adaptability Training

We also use Mindfulness and other science-backed approaches and technologies to build greater Control, Commitment, Challenge & Confidence in yourself and your work performance.

Kadenza Group are proud to be the only Irish Partners with AQR Coaching & Mentoring (UK).  AQR literally wrote the book(s) on Mental Toughness in Europe and have researched and developed unique programmes for the use of Mental Toughness in organisations, business, schools and with young people for over 10 years.  AQR Coaching & Mentoring in the UK (and Kadenza Group in Ireland) are the only consultancies in Europe to deliver this unique range of Mental Toughness tools and interventions.

KadenzaGPS Will Help You Gain Mental Toughness. 

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